Monday, May 2, 2011

I'M BAAAACCCKKKKKK!!!!! and my thoughts on not being able to train how I want to...

Ok, so its been a month since I last wrote on my blog, WTH?  First, I will admit I am lazy (watching tv or reading trumps blogging) but I am trying to get better about my blog because I do enjoy writing down my random thoughts and chronicling my quest to be an runner/tri-athlete/Adonis...well one of those 3 you choose :-) 

April was a zombie month.  If you don't know what a zombie is, a zombie is just an undead thing that is mindless and shambles around.  I felt that way for several reasons:  1. Noah got double ear infections and Emma was sick with Strep for 5 days 2. With said sickness Maria and I worked half-days to stay at home so not very restful for us 3. WE got the sickness after the kids (I sounded like Miley Cyrus for a week) 4.  Noah's daycare was closed for an entire week due to our provider having a medical emergency.  5. My Achilles felt so much better, but the damn calf became an issue seizing up after about 2.5 miles. 
Add 1+2+3+4+5= Jamie Zombie....lack of sleep made me feel dull and lifeless, and my running well, lets just say I really did shamble around running with the Team. 

Now, it is May (which btw Minnesota, you better get on board with that, I am tired of snow flurries in May) and I have been cured of my seemingly undead state!  I am making an effort to give my blog some TLC, and to broadcast my thoughts to my devoted followers (you lucky people!).  On to my training...or lack thereof...

The injury has really hampered my goals I have had since I started training in February for the Minneapolis marathon. I had 2 goals:

A.  Finish under 5 hours (yes I know that is slow, but I am not built for speed...which is a good for some things ;-)
B.  Lose 20lbs

The Achilles was my downfall (except no arrow felled me)  I had to stop running for about 2.5 weeks, starting at the end of February.  By the time I started slowly coming back in late March I had some pain but nothing as bad as before, except it was no more my right calf that felt like all the muscles seized up after 2 or 3 miles.  I can push through the pain, but that's not so good either (can really injure yourself that way).  I decided my best option was to drop to the Half-marathon. Which I did. So there goes the first goal, BUT I am planning on getting better and running another marathon in September or October (with Team in Training of course!).  So there is hope for my under 5hr marathon.

Sidebar:  Minnesota, I blame your winter for part of this problem it was so F**cking cold and so much snow (what over 78inches?) worst winter ever to try to run in.  And yes that's pathetic to blame the weather, but hell yes I am!

On to my second goal lose 20lbs....  Some of you do know me personally, and if you knew me growing up, I was a fat kid, teenager, and for most of my adult life. Brutal honesty but it's the truth.  I didn't know there was a size in jeans besides husky (LOL) or how many times my grandma would tell me I was big boned, I can still hear her to this day saying that and I so do miss her!  So yep, big boned, husky, fat, whatever, was me for the longest time.  I just got used to it, but as I got older I realized the weight was holding me down (literally and figuratively) in what I wanted to do with my life, especially when my daughter was born.  You see yourself in your children's eyes and I was the person I didn't want them to see or possibly watch have a heart attack.  Besides, kids are fast!  I was wore out chasing Emma. 

So when we moved to MN after I finished grad school in 2008 I clocked in at about 265lbs (I really ate the last year in grad school as a stress reliever....BAD idea).   However I had time to focus on my health finally!  I joined the gym, and after a year of working out, dieting (no sugar and portion control really), and taking up running 15 months later I weighed 195lbs...shocking I know!  But I ran my first half-marathon (Dick Beardsley Half)  in Sept. '09 and then in 2010 my first marathon (Twin Cities).  By Oct 2010 I was at 208lbs, but still within the range I wanted.  However, I will admit I relaxed my control and went up to 220 by February 2011 (I can look at food and gain weight, seriously!)  So I knew that getting back into training mode for the Mpls marathon would let me earn my goal of losing those 20lbs or so.  Unfortunately not, with injury and not being able to run, it has been hard to really "get going" this year with losing the weight. But, I can readjust my goals (now I am at 225 so get to 220 by race day), and the plan for this summer is to get back down where I used to be around 198 is my goal (and stay there).  One thing is certain, I won't go back to the old me, because I have worked too hard to give up.  So despite being depressed about not be able to run like I WANT to, I will run my BEST and look forward to the summer for healing and achieving those 2 goals. Simply put, I CAN DO THIS. 

Whew, good to write about that....and now to kind of level out the seriousness of the above, time for a good laugh:

1.  I am sure SNL will have this on this Saturday for Mother's Day but here it is early:

2.  And another that makes me laugh, tell me what you think (catchy chorus):

3.  I am not the biggest Nikki Minaj fan (she ain't got nothing on Lil'Kim) but this is hilarious:

Ok, stay tuned, will be posting some more very soon (and maybe add some of my husky photos LOL!)

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