Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I did something right at swimming!!! and Training Update

Wow......tonight at Master's swim (well, the wanna-be Beginner's class) my teacher, Teresa, said I did something right!  I was finally in her words "long in the water, and keeping my elbow up" finally. After 10 weeks, finally.  Yup, that's right, 10 weeks to finally do something right.  Apparently I am LD at swimming.  Hence taking the beginner's class, again.  But you reap what you sow as my pa used to say (anyone else watch children of the corn? No?) and I am beginning to finally sew some nice strokes in the pool.

No longer a bull in the pool, maybe graduating to a horse...they can swim of course, especially with fins.

This past weekend was our big neighborhood garage sale in Eagan around Diffley.  Last year I did a bake sale to benefit the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.  We raised about $120, because it was rainy and cold.  This year, it was a beautiful day on Saturday and my lovely and very nice wife baked up a storm of goodies for the sale this year.  She went all out and had everything, all homemade (brownies, rice krispie treats, coffee cake, cinnamon rolls, loaves of bread) Lots of good stuff like this:

Get in my belly!

And here is what our table looked like outside:


It was a perfect day for the sale and we exceeded my expectations and raise $212 for LLS.  Wahoo!!!
My goal is to raise $5000 this year for TNT so I am on my way.  Maria got so many complements on her baking, and one lady wanted to buy her bread recipe from her.  Crazy I know!

Well that's about it, however I did run 3.1 miles on Monday, and plan on trying to do some bike at the gym tomorrow.  Now if only I can get that daily mile widget to work on my blog......

I read the 2 MN guys were on trial this week, so I thought of this SNL short:


Hopefully Ahmindenijad(sp?) will be as nice in the clip and release them.

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