Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Race Schedule 2011 Update!

Last week was crazy!  I feel like I should retitle my blog as the Tardy TriScientist!  I am working on my Lifetime Fitness Indoor Triathlon race report (tonight should post), but here are some quick tidbits:

Race Schedule:

June 5th:  Minneapolis Half-Marathon. I will be running the Half-Marathon with Team in Training!

June 11th:  ALARC Legends 5K (Thanks to Steve Stenzel for the free race entry! Check out his blog: Steve in a Speedo?! Gross!)

June 25th:  Go Commando!  I am going to be getting dirty, jumping, climbing, and having a blast doing this 5K.  I need a costume...dress as a superhero? or just do it wearing a thong? LOL!

July 9th:  Minneapolis Triathlon: Sprint Distance...my first outdoor Tri!

August 21st: 13.1 Minneapolis or Brewhouse Triathlon? Tentative....What do YOU think?

August 28th:  Minneapolis Duathlon....tentative...would be my first duathlon

September 4th:  Kauai Marathon with Team in Training...my goal is to raise $5000 to help find a cure for blood cancers.

Ok, that looks really ambitious...to me at least.  I am excited about the Go Commando race and also the Minneapolis Tri (and anxious about that one).  I really need to go get my bike fitted, especially since I haven't really biked (sp?) in years.  I will have to use my trusty hybrid mountain bike, I don't want to buy a tri-bike till I know for sure I like the sport.  I just hope the bike can do the tri ok. 
I did purchase some nice Tri-shorts (Pearl Izumi elite, In-R-Cool lining) that are amazing!  I will have a post on those too coming up soon.  Maybe good ol' Pearl will send me some free goodies for liking all those products...one can only hope!

Monday, May 30, 2011

Be the One Run 5K Race Report

Ok the race reports I admit are a little late.  I had my mother and sister-in law come to visit this week for my daughter's opera (yes she's in kindergarten and is doing opera), plus I was busy every night this week with Team in Training and Master's Swim..whew!  I am looking forward to the 3 day weekend! (Clearly I am doing this at the end of the holiday.... :-)

Ok, so this past Saturday (5-21-11) was the Be The One 5K Run (www.betheonerun.org)at Lake Harriet in Minneapolis.  I work at the National Marrow Donor Program which is a non-profit that basically helps patients that are in need on a bone marrow/stem cell transplant get one.  Specifically we operate a National Bone Marrow Registry comprised of awesome people willing to donate their marrow to save someones life who is dying from cancer, or a lot of other really bad diseases.  It's a great place to work, and I use my scientific knowledge to find the best possible donors for patients and advise transplant physicians.  Sounds boring cool, huh? Anyways, so the Be The Match Foundation is a part of our company that is charged with engaging the public and raising money to aid our efforts in saving lives (through research, patient assistance, and adding more donors to the registry).  The Be The One Run was to help raise money for the Foundation, and boy did we!  My little team that could (all 15 of us) raised over $6,500 with yours truly as the Team Captain (my coworkers knew of my past and current fundraising exp with Team in Training)! 
Wow, that was a long explanation....ok to the race itself:

Pre-Race:  Rain......Rain....Rain...more Rain. (debate if I should even get out of the car)....Sigh and dash down to the bandshell and I am soaked within 15 secs...Damn....2 of my coworkers saw me and shouted, so I ran over with them and huddled against the wind and water.  I'll be honest I wasn't too excited but then something amazing happened.....wait, what no liquid falling from the sky? IT STOPPED RAINING! 10 MIN BEFORE THE RACE STARTED!  Ok, maybe it wouldn't be so bad. :-)

Here are some pics of my coworkers:

Notice how everyone looks damp, but better than the rain that was happening 5 minutes before.  We all went and lined up and got ready to run. (I need to get a camera I can take photos with when I run, any suggestions?)

The Race:  I took off to fast (again, fast for me is 9:00 pace, I'm a 10:30-11:00 per mile guy which is slow) after the first mile my watch said 9:13...whoops!  My legs, especially my damn right calf didn't like that pace, as it was knotted up protesting about it.  I had to stop and stretch it and then resumed running with the endless stream of runners (there were over 1,600) and dodge puddles. To the 10 year old running with his Dad, thank you for jumping in the puddle next to me and soaking me up to my thighs with cold water...but he was having fun so I gave him a pass and didn't grumble like the old fart I am.  I met up with 2 of my coworkers who were also running, and I ran with them the rest of the way.  It was their first 5K ever, so it was nice to run with them and shout encouragement and keep them moving.  We had to stop at one point, the whole road was flooded through, and we had to get up on the curb and walk about 40 feet to get past it.  My coworker, Beth, was running with her 2 boys in a double stroller, and upon seeing the almost pond, did she stop and try to go across to the path?  No, she plowed through the water, that stroller was like a boat, water spraying everywhere (she is hard core! After the race she informed me that the water was over her ankles!).  Jen, Kelly, and I continued on, they were doing ok, but my calf was hurting.  I picked it up right at the end and sprinted to the finish line and finished strong; I saw 32:51 on the clock, not bad I thought (boy was I wrong!).  Jen and Kelly were about 30 seconds behind me, and I watched them finish. 

Kelly and Jen right after the finish!
Post-Race:  Some of my coworkers and I gathered and took a group photo:

All done with the 5K! 

It was a good race, but I checked my official time and it was 34:12....so apparently either I was hallucinating when I saw the clock, or something screwy happened....I wasn't looking to PR, just have fun.  I'll take it, and lesson next time is to start my watch next time to make sure what time I finish in (the Foundation had some issues with their stuffing race bags, so did mine get switched with someone elses? Who knows?) 

After the group photo I had to leave and I went to Apple Valley and met up with the Team.  They were running form Highland Park Elementary down Pilot Knob for their 12 miles.  I ran and caught people and then turned around and ran back with them to the starting point.  I did that about 6 times, and it wasn't too bad except for 2 things:  1. it was a big ass hill I kept running down and back up to where the cars were parked, so I did about 6 hill repeats.  2.  It started to rain, but not just rain, it poured for the last mile when I ran with the Bob and Bianca.  I pretty much was swimming, I was soaked.  However, after we were done, we had an awesome brunch thanks to Coach Val at her house.
My wife made her homemade cinnamon rolls and honey pecan caramel rolls and brought them over for the whole Team to share (they loved them!)  It was a good day, despite the wet weather.

And of course on Sunday (5-22-11) was my first indoor triathlon...that post is coming soon!  I have been working on 3 at once this week!  Plus with the long Memorial Day weekend, I have been having to much fun with the family to blog!  Tomorrow you will get one more post on the indoor and an updated Race schedule for me! Here's a clue:  I am going commando....really!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Race Reports coming soon! Here's a teaser to tide you over :-)

Ok, so this past weekend was my crazy busy race weekend.  I will have individual race reports for my Be the One Run 5K (http://www.betheonerun.org/) and for my Lifetime Fitness Indoor Triathlon (http://www.indoortri.com/) up soon!  In the meantime here are some pics from the races to tide you over:

My coworkers getting ready to run!
Saturday was some nasty weather to run in!  It was deluge of rainwater right up til the race started at 9am....more to come soon!

Finally, here's a pic of me on my trusty steed (why are the steeds saddles so damn narrow? or is my ass too big!)

Like the orange laces? 
 The indoor tri was fun!  Look at my face I was enjoying it!  I had a great group in my heat, and I loved the music blaring during the cycle portion.  However, I busted out laughing when I got my bib with my race # on it:

Oh yeah my favorite number! (thats what she said I couldnt resist!) 
 So, keep your eyes peeled I will have full race reports up by Wednesday!  It was fun doing the races, but my left knee got mad at me for all the rotation it got on the cycle, so other than being a little sore, I feel great!  I am a Tri-Athlete (sort of!)  Wahoo!

Stay Tuned!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Race Weekend!!!!!

This is a action packed weekend!  I have my work 5K tomorrow (www.betheonerun.org) that my coworkers and I signed up for in January, and formed a team and raised money for the Be The Match Foundation....and we raised $6,000!  Wahoo! 

First 5K of the Year!

Now it is supposed to be wet, wet, and did I mention even more wet tomorrow morning as we run around Lake Harriet.  BUT it will be warm!  I can do wet if its hot......ok that sounds a little dirty...but true! LOL!

Anyways, it will be chip timed, so I am hopeful I can do a decent pace (I am not trying to win it or anything), because I don't want to wear myself out because....SUNDAY IS MY FIRST TRIATHLON!  YEAH!!!!  Well, indoor Triathlon, but it sill counts! 
Oh yeah!

I am doing the LTF Indoor Triathlon at Eagan on Sunday.  It's pretty simple, 10 min swim, a 10 min transition (get naked and change into my cycle/running stuff), 30 minutes on the bike in the cycle studio, 5 min transition to the treadmill, and 20 min on that and I am done!) I must admit I am a little nervous (the swim part makes me REALLY nervous) but I will get through it I am sure.  I hope those swimming lessons will pay off!

Another thing I am looking forward to is...my first race report!  Not only one but 2!  Lucky you will get to read them.  Wish me luck!

Finally, everyone read about my previous post of why I get up and run (read it here) and I have some great news:  Alie got to go home!!!!!!  Not the apartment at the UofM, but her own home!  She is such a strong girl!  Keep her in your thoughts and prayers!

Friday, May 13, 2011

One of the reasons why I get up and run..

Tomorrow not only is the fishing opener here in MN, but it is the start of a new season for Team in Training, and yours truly is back mentoring again, AND fundraising for a cure for blood cancer!!!!
The summer Team is logging a 20 miler along River Rd starting at 7am, and the Fall Team has their first 3 mile run at 8am!  I will be pulling double duty :-)  I hope to get maybe 8 miles in (I am still behind in mileage b/c of my injury).  Hopefully mostly pain free!!!

This year my goal is to challenge myself with both running and fundraising.....so I have signed up for the Kauai Marathon and my goal is to raise $5000 for blood cancer research.  Kauai's course is mainly uphill and with high elevations, so I will have to really push my training (and keep injury free!).  Last year I raised almost $2200, so I want to do 2X what I did before.  I know I can do this, and I hope you can help.

Why do I do this?  The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society supported my research at the University of MN by giving me a fellowship, and I wanted to give back for this reason.  As a scientist, I know that the funds raised supports research that has the best hope to find a cure for blood cancer.  This year, I have another reason, my personal honoree, Alie. 

Alie is an amazing little girl (she is Maria's coworkers daughter) who is 8 years old and is currently fighting for her life in the hospital at the U of M.  At 3 years, she was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukema (ALL).  Can you imagine having to tell your child what cancer is? With chemotherapy, Alie was put in remission by age 5.  However, she had a relapse before her 7th birthday, and had a bone marrow transplant with her older sister as the donor.  Again, she went into remission, but shortly after her 8th birthday had another relapse, and in February of 2011, she had an umbilical cord transplant.  Now, at day 89 post transplant, she is fighting still.  She just got out of the ICU yesterday, and is breathing on her own again.  She is stronger than I could ever be, and despite my complaining about being injured this season, she has endured and fought more pain than I can imagine.  To learn about this strong little girl and to send her your thoughts and prayers you can visit her CaringBridge site:

I train for Alie because I want a world where no child ever has to learn the “C” word and what it means.  I train so that no parent has to watch their child suffer through the pain of chemotherapy.  I train to find a cure for blood cancer.

If you would like to support me in my efforts you can donate online at:


Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I did something right at swimming!!! and Training Update

Wow......tonight at Master's swim (well, the wanna-be Beginner's class) my teacher, Teresa, said I did something right!  I was finally in her words "long in the water, and keeping my elbow up" finally. After 10 weeks, finally.  Yup, that's right, 10 weeks to finally do something right.  Apparently I am LD at swimming.  Hence taking the beginner's class, again.  But you reap what you sow as my pa used to say (anyone else watch children of the corn? No?) and I am beginning to finally sew some nice strokes in the pool.

No longer a bull in the pool, maybe graduating to a horse...they can swim of course, especially with fins.

This past weekend was our big neighborhood garage sale in Eagan around Diffley.  Last year I did a bake sale to benefit the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.  We raised about $120, because it was rainy and cold.  This year, it was a beautiful day on Saturday and my lovely and very nice wife baked up a storm of goodies for the sale this year.  She went all out and had everything, all homemade (brownies, rice krispie treats, coffee cake, cinnamon rolls, loaves of bread) Lots of good stuff like this:

Get in my belly!

And here is what our table looked like outside:


It was a perfect day for the sale and we exceeded my expectations and raise $212 for LLS.  Wahoo!!!
My goal is to raise $5000 this year for TNT so I am on my way.  Maria got so many complements on her baking, and one lady wanted to buy her bread recipe from her.  Crazy I know!

Well that's about it, however I did run 3.1 miles on Monday, and plan on trying to do some bike at the gym tomorrow.  Now if only I can get that daily mile widget to work on my blog......

I read the 2 MN guys were on trial this week, so I thought of this SNL short:


Hopefully Ahmindenijad(sp?) will be as nice in the clip and release them.

Monday, May 2, 2011

I'M BAAAACCCKKKKKK!!!!! and my thoughts on not being able to train how I want to...

Ok, so its been a month since I last wrote on my blog, WTH?  First, I will admit I am lazy (watching tv or reading trumps blogging) but I am trying to get better about my blog because I do enjoy writing down my random thoughts and chronicling my quest to be an runner/tri-athlete/Adonis...well one of those 3 you choose :-) 

April was a zombie month.  If you don't know what a zombie is, a zombie is just an undead thing that is mindless and shambles around.  I felt that way for several reasons:  1. Noah got double ear infections and Emma was sick with Strep for 5 days 2. With said sickness Maria and I worked half-days to stay at home so not very restful for us 3. WE got the sickness after the kids (I sounded like Miley Cyrus for a week) 4.  Noah's daycare was closed for an entire week due to our provider having a medical emergency.  5. My Achilles felt so much better, but the damn calf became an issue seizing up after about 2.5 miles. 
Add 1+2+3+4+5= Jamie Zombie....lack of sleep made me feel dull and lifeless, and my running well, lets just say I really did shamble around running with the Team. 

Now, it is May (which btw Minnesota, you better get on board with that, I am tired of snow flurries in May) and I have been cured of my seemingly undead state!  I am making an effort to give my blog some TLC, and to broadcast my thoughts to my devoted followers (you lucky people!).  On to my training...or lack thereof...

The injury has really hampered my goals I have had since I started training in February for the Minneapolis marathon. I had 2 goals:

A.  Finish under 5 hours (yes I know that is slow, but I am not built for speed...which is a good for some things ;-)
B.  Lose 20lbs

The Achilles was my downfall (except no arrow felled me)  I had to stop running for about 2.5 weeks, starting at the end of February.  By the time I started slowly coming back in late March I had some pain but nothing as bad as before, except it was no more my right calf that felt like all the muscles seized up after 2 or 3 miles.  I can push through the pain, but that's not so good either (can really injure yourself that way).  I decided my best option was to drop to the Half-marathon. Which I did. So there goes the first goal, BUT I am planning on getting better and running another marathon in September or October (with Team in Training of course!).  So there is hope for my under 5hr marathon.

Sidebar:  Minnesota, I blame your winter for part of this problem it was so F**cking cold and so much snow (what over 78inches?) worst winter ever to try to run in.  And yes that's pathetic to blame the weather, but hell yes I am!

On to my second goal lose 20lbs....  Some of you do know me personally, and if you knew me growing up, I was a fat kid, teenager, and for most of my adult life. Brutal honesty but it's the truth.  I didn't know there was a size in jeans besides husky (LOL) or how many times my grandma would tell me I was big boned, I can still hear her to this day saying that and I so do miss her!  So yep, big boned, husky, fat, whatever, was me for the longest time.  I just got used to it, but as I got older I realized the weight was holding me down (literally and figuratively) in what I wanted to do with my life, especially when my daughter was born.  You see yourself in your children's eyes and I was the person I didn't want them to see or possibly watch have a heart attack.  Besides, kids are fast!  I was wore out chasing Emma. 

So when we moved to MN after I finished grad school in 2008 I clocked in at about 265lbs (I really ate the last year in grad school as a stress reliever....BAD idea).   However I had time to focus on my health finally!  I joined the gym, and after a year of working out, dieting (no sugar and portion control really), and taking up running 15 months later I weighed 195lbs...shocking I know!  But I ran my first half-marathon (Dick Beardsley Half)  in Sept. '09 and then in 2010 my first marathon (Twin Cities).  By Oct 2010 I was at 208lbs, but still within the range I wanted.  However, I will admit I relaxed my control and went up to 220 by February 2011 (I can look at food and gain weight, seriously!)  So I knew that getting back into training mode for the Mpls marathon would let me earn my goal of losing those 20lbs or so.  Unfortunately not, with injury and not being able to run, it has been hard to really "get going" this year with losing the weight. But, I can readjust my goals (now I am at 225 so get to 220 by race day), and the plan for this summer is to get back down where I used to be around 198 is my goal (and stay there).  One thing is certain, I won't go back to the old me, because I have worked too hard to give up.  So despite being depressed about not be able to run like I WANT to, I will run my BEST and look forward to the summer for healing and achieving those 2 goals. Simply put, I CAN DO THIS. 

Whew, good to write about that....and now to kind of level out the seriousness of the above, time for a good laugh:

1.  I am sure SNL will have this on this Saturday for Mother's Day but here it is early:

2.  And another that makes me laugh, tell me what you think (catchy chorus):

3.  I am not the biggest Nikki Minaj fan (she ain't got nothing on Lil'Kim) but this is hilarious:

Ok, stay tuned, will be posting some more very soon (and maybe add some of my husky photos LOL!)