Monday, May 23, 2011

Race Reports coming soon! Here's a teaser to tide you over :-)

Ok, so this past weekend was my crazy busy race weekend.  I will have individual race reports for my Be the One Run 5K ( and for my Lifetime Fitness Indoor Triathlon ( up soon!  In the meantime here are some pics from the races to tide you over:

My coworkers getting ready to run!
Saturday was some nasty weather to run in!  It was deluge of rainwater right up til the race started at 9am....more to come soon!

Finally, here's a pic of me on my trusty steed (why are the steeds saddles so damn narrow? or is my ass too big!)

Like the orange laces? 
 The indoor tri was fun!  Look at my face I was enjoying it!  I had a great group in my heat, and I loved the music blaring during the cycle portion.  However, I busted out laughing when I got my bib with my race # on it:

Oh yeah my favorite number! (thats what she said I couldnt resist!) 
 So, keep your eyes peeled I will have full race reports up by Wednesday!  It was fun doing the races, but my left knee got mad at me for all the rotation it got on the cycle, so other than being a little sore, I feel great!  I am a Tri-Athlete (sort of!)  Wahoo!

Stay Tuned!

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  1. That's hilarious!

    Speaking of 69, I was on the phone the other day with a business person from work and he had put the number 69 after his name on his email address! I thought "really?"

    Funny! Can't wait for a full report!