About Me

A husband, dad, and scientist just trying to get healthy and stay that way.
I have been running since 2009 (first time I ever did) and have completed 1 marathon, 2 half-marathons, and multiple 5K's.  Now I am getting ready for the next step:  Triathlons!

Few things about me:

1.  Born on Columbus day

2. From Mayberry, NC

3. Grew up on a tobacco farm

4.  I like to read Sci-Fi/Fantasy novels

5.  I like to eat

6.  I like to run so I can eat!

7.  I am double jointed

8.  I have never been to the West Coast

9.  I almost have a photographic memory....read that again!

10.  .....................

Let me know what you think of my blog, or if you have some advice about running, biking, swimming or life in general, you can email me: