Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Wow, ok its been 10 days! Warning: this will be a long one! Part 2 or deux (thats for you LaDonna!)

So the last time we left the daring wanna-be triathlete had stricken with a 17 month old that wouldn't sleep and was sorely tired.  Enter Mama to the rescue!  Upon her return a week ago, Noah magically began to sleep again..through the night...now why didn't he do that for me?  Well I was very glad to have the whole family back, and last Tuesday decided to get up and get back on the horse (sea-horse actually) and I went to the gym and practiced all the drills from Master's swim from the previous week, since I hadn't had a chance to get to the gym for the past 5 days and needed to shed my couch potato status.  This came back to bite me later that night (note to self: do not swim 10 laps in the morning, then 12 more at the Master's class. Hint: you will be dead in the water) as I struggled the last 20 minutes of my Masters class.  Maybe those people that can swim wouldn't be so tired, but while I am not thrashing and kicking as much, it still wears me out.  I have trouble with my arms, Teresa, our drill swim instructor, keeps reminding me to bend my arm and keep it up as I continue with my stroke.  Needless to say I need to practice....LOTS of practice.  On Wed last week I had the day off to be with the kids since they had no daycare, and of course we got the damn snow storm.  I managed to get to LTF and Emma was great in helping Noah adjust to the kids center, so I went on a quick run (2.1 miles) and my leg felt great, it was such a great feeling!  That was definitely a high note of the week.  Thursday and Friday weren't too bad, I did some cycling (11 miles in 35 min not bad) and perhaps on Thursday (31st) I will attempt a spin class.  Would it be rude to take pictures with my iphone during the class? Have to sneak them I guess.

This past weekend I decided to take the training wheels off and do a run with the Team.  I was feeling great and that everything was on the mend.  We ran on Gateway Trail in Maplewood (very nice trail if you are looking for something new to run on).  However, again it was very icy and cold (I am officially joining the boycott winter bandwagon).  I started out feeling fine, but after a mile the calf was tight and sore (not the pain whenever my foot strikes, but just a terrible tight sensation 1-2 inches about the achilles tendon.  I stretched and walked to allow it some time to feel better, which it did.  However I was still in some discomfort, and when I finished the 4 miles I could feel my leg which felt not the greatest. :(  So this week I hope I can feel good enough to attempt some more mileage this weekend.  X FINGERS!!!  After the run we had a group Team social at Perkins.  It was pretty fun, and I will post some more photos tomorrow. I need to sleep.....sleeepppp...whahsleep...

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