Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Hello Spring and Swim/Run/Bike? Nope, Bike/Swim/Run!

Hello Spring!  The sun is shining today, the birds are chirping, and I can see blue sky!!! I hope winter is at its end, especially because this past Saturday I finally got to run outside with the Team along Shepard Rd.
Or should I say skate?  It was 18 degrees and the trail was iced over, lots of walkers and runners slipping on the ice. Our distance was supposed to be 10 miles, but with recovering the last 2.5 weeks from my Achilles tendonitis, I only did 4 miles.  AND IT FELT GOOD!  I did get a little soreness from my right calf above the tendon, however it didn’t send a sharp spike of pain each time my foot hit.  I walked after 2 miles and stretched it, then proceeded to run the grueling hill and remainder of the trail back…in the 25mph wind!  Call me Chillie Willie, because it was freezing with the wind hitting you on the trail as it overlooked the river.  Luckily I had 5 layers on from the waist down, and 4 from the waist up, nothing got frozen thankfully (though all my male teammates discussed ways of keeping the manbits warm, from the simple “put a sock on it” from Mike, to the application of strategically placed hand warmers, Paul. LOL).
Despite the cold, it felt great to finally run and not experience the debilitating pain I was having.  I am slowly going forward from here, I don’t want to screw it up again, so I will decrease the mileage and speed for now until I feel like I can handle it.  I hope to still run the full Minneapolis marathon, but I may have to drop to the half just because of my training has been delayed.  We will see and I will keep you posted.

It’s the middle of the week and what have I done? I have been training for the triathlon, I actually got in some time to Bike, Swim, and Run (not the typical Swim/Bike/Run) the last 3 days.  After getting some nice cycle shorts (see pic below, they are very comfortable, especially for this novice cyclist I was afraid of neutering myself on those plastic blades they call a seat.)  I did get a pair at Penn Cycle, and got a nice discount because I am LTF member.

Comfortable and padded!

Shorts in hand err on...I have been conquering the bike.  I need to step up my game and try a spin class at LTF, which I think I will do next week.  I feel very hesitant/nervous about that, I am picturing some super tan, muscular, spandex clad foaming at the month instructor screaming at me over techno music so loud it rattles my chest…..ok maybe that’s my imagination running wild, I’ll report back to you next week about my Spin Class experience.  I did do 10.3 miles in 35 minutes, and then did some abwork and stretches to round out my workout.

Tuesday of course is…..Masters Beginners Swim!  But, I have a secret weapon:  Tyr short fins! 

These are amazing!!!!! Can I wear them for the triathlon?

At the suggestion of Teresa, the instructor, I went and purchased a pair at Elsmore Aquatic in Apple Vally:  They were a nice knowledgeable bunch!  Maybe I will go back and invest in a speedo (not the bikini/banana hammock!) jammer, its like compression shorts and have a 9inch inseam so there not too skimpy, however they leave little to the imagination, nothing says hello like wearing skin tight spandex/neoprene among strangers! Back to the short fins, they work amazingly in helping my kicking (I am slowly getting there to kicking more with my hip, I still got the knee kick going, but working on it!)  They help me so much and I can focus on my form and also technique with my arms.  We had to take them off at the end, and I sorely missed them, and my legs were doing that spastic kick at the knee because I was so used to the fins.  It seems like cheating, but the fins also help build your leg muscles and help in training.  I struggled in the first 2 lessons, mainly because I don’t have a good kick, and I can work on that with a kickboard and these fins.  I am feeling more confident in the water, finally!  We have a lot of drills that focus on how we move the arms, how they enter the water, and how we recover on the stroke.  I am trying to practice at least 2X a week, I should do more, because I need it!

Finally this morning I ran on the treadmill, and did 2.6 miles in 30 min, which of course isn’t the fastest, but the key thing I am doing is just easing back in gradually to my run workouts.  I got to the gym late, so I didn’t have time to do some weights, but did manage to stretch at least.  Noah was up from 1:15 til about 3am, so I got up later than I wanted.  Take the time to train, no matter what, even though sleep sounded much better than going to the gym, I will hopefully reap the rewards come race day for my dedication!

So lets see so far this week: 10.3 miles on the bike, 2.6 mile run, and did maybe 14?15? laps in the pool so maybe .2 miles? Felt like 2 miles by the time we were done. 

The rest of the week my training is still unclear, Maria will be in Iowa the rest of the week with Emma, so it will just be Mini-Me and Me :-)  Maybe I will take him to daycare at LTF (Germ alert!) and I can get a workout in or if its warm, go for a nice fast walk/job with him in the stroller. Have a nice mid-week!


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