Thursday, March 10, 2011

What has past in the last 2 weeks....Injury.Recovery.Sleep Deprivation.Swimming!!!

OK....whew, where did last week go?  It got sucked down that black hole of sickness, family, work....frankly I finally feel like a normal person!

Last week Noah was sick, he had this horrible cough, and his poor little nose was clogged with snot AND he was teething (with a 100 temp at night!!)...the trifecta!   Poor guy, couldn't sleep at night :-(  Tylenol and Motrin were our friends last week, and they made Noah feel better.  We were worried that he might have a fever and made a trip to the doctor, where he assured us it was just a severe head cold.  Noah, apparently takes after me and has a great memory, because he remembers the doctors office.  As soon as the door opened, he stopped, stared at the nurse that called his name, and these enormous tears welled up and rolled down his fat cheeks......and he ran the other way!!!! I chased him down and took him inside and he screamed and wailed the entire time we waited in the exam room, when the doc came in, and finally stopped as soon as we got into the waiting room.....whew. Maria's turn next time. :-)
Yes this is what Noah looked like for 15 minutes

So for about a week, he didn't sleep because the snot would cause him to choke when he slept.  Maria and I got about 2 hrs of uninterrupted sleep each night...and to be fair Maria less than I because he prefers her to me when he is sick.  She is the best mommy and wife! (next time I think she will just kick me out of the bed and wake me up lol).

I am happy to say he is much better!!! 4 days of sleeping thru the night! Crossing my fingers/hitting my head (knock on wood, right?)

In my training news a big thing has happened!  My Masters Swim!!!!!!
I was really nervous for the first class because I feel like a giant bull trying to swim...
Sadly the Bull looks better in the water than I do!

However, my fears were soon assuaged (a good word isn't it? Thanks word a day calendar!)  Teresa, the instructor, for the Beginners Masters Swim at LTF Eagan, is awesome!!!!  There is only 5 of us in the class and after we did a warm-up swim of 2 laps (I thrashed and kicked 1 lap only) I realized I wasn't that bad (there was one person worse than me, thankfully)  My friend Paul is also taking the class so that helps I know someone too in the class!  Teresa put us through some drills, learning basically balance in the water, how our bodies feel in the water, and trying to be long in the water.  By the end of the first session, I was beat, mostly because I still don't kick correctly (I kick from the knee, not the hip).  But it was a good tired, because I really think this class will help me with technique, form, and most of all the confidence to swim 1/3 mile in open water in July!

Also in the past 2 weeks I have recovered from my Achilles RUNNING!!!  I did do some cycling on the bike, and of course swam, and practiced that.  It was really depressing that I couldn't run, but I did as the Dr. ordered.  I moped for a week I must say, but now I can start easing back in to running which is nice.  I did a short 5 min out and back last night at our Team workout and the leg felt good!  I will hopefully put up a widget with my mileage soon!

On another note, I am running with the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society's Team in Training, as you have noticed.  Raising money to help those who have blood cancers is important to me, I work everyday to help patients find a donor for a bone marrow or stem cell transplant.  LLS is a great organization, and I love Team in Training.  I also run in honor of those who have survived cancer and those undergoing treatment.  Right now, my honoree is Alie, she is 8 years old and just had a cord blood transplant to hopefully cure her leukemia that has returned for the 3rd time.  She is a strong, courageous girl, and I would like to leave you with her CaringBridge site:

Keep her in your thoughts and prayers and she continues to fight for her life.  If you want to help, join the Be the Match Registry and help save a life.  There is a link on my blog, and you can visit too.   Next update will be this weekend I promise!

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  1. Jamie, I'm glad that your heel and Noah's cold are better. Good for you to keep good humor through all of this. I'm also glad to hear that your swim lesson was positive. Maybe hearing your success will encourage me to do the same - someday!