Wednesday, June 29, 2011

T-Minus 10 days til Triathlon! Any advice for a Tri newbie?

10 days til my first "real" triathlon, the Minneapolis Triathlon  Wow. I feel like it's been creeping up on me ninja style and today I realized that its just around the corner!  This summer seems to have flown by already, where has it gone?

Anyways, here is my gut reaction to my first Triathlon:

1.  Please be cool enough that I can use a wetsuit. Yes I know it's cheating (sort of) but I can use whatever I can get in the water to help me.  Tomorrow I am doing another OWS at Lake Nokomis, but sans wet suit so I can practice not having one on just in case it is too warm.

2. Don't freak out in the water.  DON'T. FREAK. OUT.  That is a problem for me, I freak out and lose all rhythm and panic.  The OWS has been a great idea to do, and I am glad I will have some experience in the water before race day.  Experience is a good thing. I just have fears of it looking like this:

How do you swim in all that?

3.  Swim. Needless to say you can tell I am a little nervous about the swim!

4.  Figure out what to put in my transition bag.  After reading several great blogs out there and other Tri articles, I know some items I should have in there (shoes, water bottle, sunglasses, helmet, Gu Chomps, Powerbar, socks, hat, towel, flip-flops) Any other advice?

5. No matter what, HAVE FUN!  I am in it to finish it, not to win it!  If anything that will be my mantra.  Finish, Finish, FINISH!  Plus look at the sweet medals they are giving out:

I haven't trained as much as I have wanted (injuries suck) but I have really worked hard at the swimming.  The Beginner's Master's Swim has been a great class that has helped me a lot, and I will continue to take it and maybe be a real swimmer some day.
I have at least ran the course, and biked half of the bike part.  I hope to do the whole thing this weekend so I wont be surprised come race day. 

I think this is going to be fun, and despite my nervousness with the swim, I know I can do it.  In 2009 I never would have thought I could run, but I did, and look at me now, 2 half-marathons and 1 marathon later I have done it!  Watch out triathlon, you are on my hit list!

Any ideas/suggestions for my upcoming race from the vets would be awesome!


  1. I would say pace yourself and be conservative with each. I've done a couple and if I'm gonna really go all out I make sure it's on the run and no where else. Have fun and take it all in!

  2. Hey you! Thanks for your comment on my blog! Woo hoo! Another Minnesota blogger...excellent! Good luck with all of your training and kick butt at your TRI!!

    I don't see where I can follow your blog....there does not seem to be a follow link so I will copy your blog address and add to my list!