Friday, June 3, 2011

My Half-Marathon week(end)

Guess what this weekend is?  Race weekend!  On Sunday, June 5th, I will be racing in the Minneapolis Half-Marathon with Team in Training.  This will be my 2nd Half-Marathon, and my goal is to just finish (I haven't trained to hard b/c I got injured early on and couldn't run for almost 6 weeks) but maybe I can do it in at least 2:20 which is my one and only PR.  I will be really happy to do this event with all my Teammates, and also in honor of Alie, my personal honoree, and as I mentioned before one of the reasons why I do this.  Here is my race jersey that my wife decorated and I will be sporting proudly on Sunday:

For Alie!
The week led up to this weekend was pretty good, we had the holiday on Monday, and relaxed Tuesday (where my Coach told me I was looking great in the water, finally practicing paid off!). On Wednesday I got to meet Olympian Runner Carrie Tollefson, who is also a MN native (from Dawson, MN).  She came to our group run for Team in Training, spoke and even ran with us (she blew my doors off as she sped by me on the trail).  I was chicked! Coolest of all I got my Runner's World signed where she was the covergirl!
Here are some pics of Carrie and the Team:

Carrie telling us to Get After It!

Telling us to celebrate National Running Day! Which we did!

Here's a short video I shot with my Iphone:

Go check out Carries website:, she does webisodes each week, and lots of sports commentary.  Its good stuff!

And then on Thursday my Mom flew in from NC to visit.  It is so nice to see her, its been less than a year since we last visited them in NC.  The kids are having a blast, and so is Grandma spoiling them.  She will also get to see me run for the very first time!  Pretty exciting!

And...I won a UTag Sports bracelet from Kurt @Becoming and Ironman and UTag on a giveaway on his blog. Thanks Kurt! Head over and take a look at his blog, and read about his adventures in training to become an Ironman and certified trainer.

Now time for some sleep!

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  1. I loved the last blog about your swimming! It's really tough and takes lots of practice to get it down! Everytime I compete I feel my heart racing and my chest getting tight!

    Congrats on winning the UTAG!! Awesome!