Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Recovering from my Half-Marathon week(end)

Last week was a doozy....Mom came to visit, ran the Minneapolis Half-Marathon on Sunday with Team in Training (for more info check out the new issue of Runner's World!) I was very proud of all my Teammates and mentees I mentored through the program.  I didn't do the best, but was happy with not that much logging of long runs I was able to finish.  My calf/ankle injury did bother me, but I pushed through (it is still a little that a word?).  I had a great time, but was sad to see my Mom go, I do miss them being so far away in NC.  Then on Sunday, my 19 month old son came down with a high fever which he has had up til this morning....and the last 3 nights have been brutal, hence no race report yet!  I actually had something resembling sleep last night for the first time in 3 days!  Wahoo!  Here's hoping that will continue tonight and that these fevers are over after today.

Tonight I will do a light run with the Fall Team, and....finish some blog posts for your reading pain pleasure!  Tons of photos from the half-marathon, and I the complete Indoor triathlon report!

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  1. That sucks when one of the kiddo's is sick. My girls have had colds, but I'll take that over a fever any day. Hope he's feeling better and you get some sleep!