Friday, July 8, 2011

The Big Day is less than 24 hours away! Ready or Not Here I Come! UPDATE!!!

UPDATE:  Well I went to the expo (which I thought would be bigger) and picked up my stuff....and was informed that I was signed up for the Olympic distance. Needless to say I said some few choice words and said no way in hell I was!  So I had to go to the trouble table and see if I could get it switched.  Lo and behold, I wasnt the only one, 3 other guys had same problem.  They were able to switch us however.  My buddy Paul who is also doing LTF Tri too was waiting on me and asked me what the holdup was when I finished.  I told him and he asked how did you know that you were signed up for the Olympic.  The check-in guy told me and it was on the outside of my packet.  He looked at his, and also said some choice words, because he had the same problem!  So he had to go get in line again and got switched as well.  Whew...

Im off in a couple of minutes to Nokomis!  Wish me luck! less than 24 hours I will be a Tri-athlete!  No matter my time I will finish tomorrow, I won't give up!   I hope I can wear a wetsuit for the swim, but if I cant I will do my best (if it takes an hour so be it!) once I get past the swim I know I will be good!  I have my stuff for my transition bag ready and will pack that and try to get some sleep tonight and just be ready for an early morning tomorrow.  I am feeling very excited and that is winning over the nerves.  I am prepared mentally and physically for this....I CAN DO IT!

Thanks to everyone for their words of encouragement and advice through my journey, and I am sure I will be doing many more!

Best part is after I am done I will be going on California!!!! What a way to celebrate!  Stay tuned for some posts next week on the 4th and of course, my LTF Triathlon Race Report!


  1. You're gonna do great, you have the best perspective of anyone I know. Really, I can't wait for the report and pics!! Good luck!