Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Triathlon + My California Vacation= A great 8 days!

OK, first off I didn't expire during the LTF Triathlon on July 9th!  However, I did immediately leave for vacation to California, so I haven't been able to blog or post any of the cool photos that was taken of me during the Tri.  This will be a short recap of my last week:

Lifetime Fitness Triathlon WAS AWESOME!
The swim was my toughest part, mentally and physically can you tell?
Wearing a smile...but inside I was exhausted!

I was very happy to have that swim over!  Needless to say I need more practice! The rest of the race I will go in detail, but my proudest moment was crossing that finish line....with my kids!

I did it, and so happy to have my family there!  Emma looks like a born runner!
 Come back soon for my whole race report....once I get caught up with work and all that other stuff!  Goal is to have it up by Thursday!

CA was fun, and I have some pics of that too, but guess who I ran into on the street?
I am a huge Leno fan!

Full report and more on CA trip on Thursday! AND

Thanks to everyone for all their support and advice for my first Triathlon!!!!


  1. Look at that SMILE on your face coming out of the water! I recognize i because it shouts RELIEF! Last year I did a triathlon and I got beat up pretty bad in the water and after i came out of the water I had to just bend over and put my hands on my knees for a sec, then stood up and smiled. Surviving and getting through the hard part makes us stronger!

    Those are great pictures! Look forward to more reports!

  2. You are correct! LOL finishing a swim does spell RELIEF (or Rolaids :) I felt great until I swallowed a bunch of water at the turn at the first buoy when there was a logjam of thrashing bodies. I panicked then and couldn't get back in the game, but I finished. Not bad for someone who couldnt swim and started taking lesson in March! I will post my RR today with more pics.
    Thanks for all your advice and support! How are you feeling post-shingles?