Saturday, February 12, 2011

The week in review - Time. Pain. Nerd. Old.

Ok, where to start?  How about some thoughts on this week:

First lets talk about time, or lack thereof.  This week I finally have felt better (no cough, no mucus, no drip!)  and I was determined to get back on schedule for training.  However, life as usual isnt so easy.  There are those other time demands that I need to realize that I have to work around. 

Monday was a Monday as usual, and I was aiming to break in my new shoes for the first TNT East Marathon group run (will be posted later), and what happens?  I get this excruciating pain on the inside of my foot after 5 min of running on the treadmill.  I tried to run through it (maybe its just the new shoes) but the pain continued, so I had to stop.  So I walked and tried to get a feel if the pain was decreasing, and after 5 min tried running again, and bam! Foot pain again.  Damn. So I took my aching feet back home, and thought perhaps its just the shoes (Side note: These were the Asics Gel Evolution 6, the new model for 2011.  I had previously ran wearing the Gel Evolution 4, and 5, which fit like a glove, with no pain). Also I had some pain flare up from my SI joint (an injury that occurred a year ago, apparently my SI (sacro-iliac) joint moves around and pinches my piriformis muscle, causing literally a sharp pain in my left buttock). Not good. I can wear a belt that holds my SI joint in place, so it is stable, guess I will be doing that this week.
This works wonders, and its made in Minneapolis!

Tuesday I drilled baby drill! Well not looking for oil, but spent 30 min at the pool doing drills in the hopes that one day I will swim. My problem is relaxing in the water, I just tense up, and then instead of smoothly doing the strokes and repeat,  its like thrash, thrash, sink, sink.....but I keep working on it.

Wednesday was a big day (if you are a nerd, that is).  ITS JEOPARDY!  I took the online Jeopardy test, 50 questions, 15 seconds to type your answer online.  I had to wait almost 20 min in the queue (I watched Glee! with Maria while I counted down the minutes).  I thought I did pretty well, of the 50 questions I didnt know the answer to at least 7 of them, one was "this author came up with the characters of Jean Valjean and Javert..." I couldnt think of Victor Hugo to save my life! I was like Les Miserables! but a blank as to the author, until it dinged and I was out of time did I remember.  I'll keep you posted if I get called! (Maria thought I was the biggest nerd ever, but was impressed I knew the answers to the questions (: thanks honey!).
Your Mother Trabeck!

Thursday again was the return of the Foot Pain when I did my 3 miles on the treadmill.  I decided that I would go back to Run'n'Fun on Friday and ask about the shoes, and potentially maybe exchage for a different pair.

Hello FRIDAY! I did a workout on the eliptical and felt good, however I did wear my SI belt and it worked wonders for my pain in the ass.  After work I stopped by Run'n'Fun and did exchange my shoes and got last years Gel-Evolution 5's (tried and true, and they felt wonderful on my feet) and since I got money back, I used it to get a pair of Brooks running mittens. 

So challenges to work on:

1. Time, or really Time Management.  I need to learn how to juggle kids, work, training more efficiently.
2.  Doctor, heal thyself: Seriously, I literally have a pain in my ass, and I dont want it to get worse, so hopefully headed to the physical therapist next week (or chiropractor).
3. Getting Old:  no answer to that really, but I am certainly feeling my age!
4. Nerd:  no challenge there, I freely embrace my nerdyness.

Stay Tuned for my post on my first Team in Training Group run at Lake Phalen today.....tonight perhaps some more drills in the pool?

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