Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Calm Before the Storm

The week in review.................I guess could be summed up as recovery. Recovery from a nasty cold (granted to me by my 15 month old son, Noah), then of course after the snot stopped flowing and the sneezes ceased, I get the dry hacking cough (a present from work) which lasted the rest of the week.  Needless to say I felt like this all week:

 Sigh.  The last 2 weeks I have been trying to get a jump start on training, which was a big fail.  Oh well.  However, on the triathlon training front, I did go to my swimming lesson for the week. And I'm a terrible swimmer, imagine that?  After having a near drowning experience when I was 10 (taking swimming lessons believe it or not, nearly drowned when I went in the deep end to tread water).  So, after that I wasn't too keen on swimming, I mean I never even got my Swimming merit badge as a Boy Scout, how sad is that?  So, I am trying to remedy the problem by taking classes til March through community education at our local middle school's pool.  So far, I think my main issue is that I need to relax in the water, and don't over think it.  So, I will keep you updated on the progress, because I am bound and determined to be able to swim my .25 miles in July.

So, why the calm before the storm as my blog post title? Well, starting tomorrow I will begin training for the Minneapolis Marathon (officially) with Team in Training!  Yesterday, February 5th was the Kick Off Party for the Spring Season at the Crown Plaza in Bloomington:

One of our Honorees; a 17yr old with Acute Promyelocytic  Leukemia, currently in remission    

Paul, a Survivor and Captain of the Merrill Cycle Team

We had over 130 people sign up for our Spring Season!  This includes the Mpls Marathon, the San Diego Rock'n'Roll Marathon, the Anchorage Marathon, Lifetime Fitness Triathlon, and South Maui Triathlon, and America's Most Beautiful Bike Ride.  All of these athletes (common everyday people like you and I) are dedicated to help find a cure for blood cancer.  Some are veterans of endurance sports, many are beginners and to help them there are people like me, mentors.  I have 8 mentees!  I hope to be there for them and aid them as best they can with fundraising and running.  Here are a couple of the great (and a little crazy) Tri mentors:

Ready to Tri!

At the end of the program, Courtney Spiegler, TNT Campaign Director Extraordinaire gave a rousing speech:

I do this for those who have gone before me, for those children, mothers, fathers, friends, loved ones who struggle with cancer. One step, one mile at a time you are my inspiration.  GO TEAM!!!!!!!


  1. Bon chance, Jaime! Especially the swimming part!

  2. Congrats on giving triathlon a "tri". The swim was my largest obstacle when I did my first triathlon in 2009 and this year I'll be doing my first half iron distance tri. I look forward to following your progress.