Monday, February 14, 2011

First Team in Training Group Run 2-12-11: Phreezing in Phalen

Well, after my week of having my feet hurt, and literally having a pain in the ass, it was time for the East Marathon Team's first group run!  I had meet at all my Team in Training friends and my mentees (yes that's right, I am mentoring people! To RUN! Amazing (: ) so I was excited despite the aches and pains. 
I was in charge of the water support, so I enlisted the aid of my lovely wife, and since her parents were visiting from Iowa, her dad, Larry, tagged along. 

My very nice and lovely wife signing TNT runners in

Maria's Dad Larry, and Val's husband Scott

The snow covered up the sign to turn on the road to Lake Phalen, so we went a little too far, but turned around and made it to our meeting spot.  It was a chilly 28 maybe 26 degrees ( or balmy they way our weather has been, take your pick) overcast day, but it wasn't snowing at least!  We had about 35 of the mentees show up, which was a great number that showed up!  Val, Run Coach Extraordinaire, gave a mission moment about a 18 yo girl who has been diagnosed 3 times with leukemia since the age of 17.  It underscored the fact that despite my complaining about the cold, we were out there to train for a reason, and this girl was one of those reasons.

We all headed out on our run, and I got a late start, but slowly ran around the lake meeting some TNT runners, shouting encouragement, and even stopped and spoke with a guy and his girlfriend, and told them that you might not think you can do the half-marathon, but you can have fun training for it with the Team.

I continued on, meet Kimmi, LLS Staff Extraordinaire, and was waved on home....kinda. Well, I didnt realize that I ran past the entrance to the trail and kept going til I realized I had passed by this one bridge before.  AND I HAD!  Because I was beyond the turnaround!  So I ran back and was finally finished.  I cant say it was effortless, but I can say that it felt really good to run again, despite my hip pain and in my calf.  I am ready for Wed. group practice, bring it on! 

Here are some pics of the mighty East Side Team:
A lot of happy faces after a 3-4 mile i

I like the dog!

Next post my swimming lessons!

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