Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Fun. Run. Rest. Swim. Run. Shop. Snow. Shovel. Tendonitis

Ok, so I didnt post my update for the last week like I thought I would on Sunday (and now I have to remember what I did!).  It was a long week, interrupted by SNOW!!! sigh. Good ol' MN winter...

However there was something(s) pretty special: My daughter's 6th Birthday on Valentine's Day, and my 8th wedding anniversary on Feb. 15th! Check out some pics below:

The birthday girl! 6 and Sassy! (You have no idea!)

A house for her Zoobles. Dont ask.

Her little brother likes the cake too!

I did manage to get some gym time in, however despite the pain in my ass (see previous posts) but my leg was still bugging me.  I rested on Tuesday, and on Wednesday we had our TNT group run at Lake Como.  Now, its really dark by 6:30 here in MN and it was chilly!!!! A very brisk 30 with a strong wind that kept blowing (it was 52 and sunny earlier!).  It was a nice moonlit evening and the lake looked ethereal with the moonlight glowing on it.  Unfortunately, no pictures since I forgot my camera.  I managed to do 3 miles, but had some pain in my lower right calf (I ran/walked 3 miles). 

Now on Thursday I had my appointment with the sports chiropractor.  Ok, it was my first time ever at a chiropractor (I wanted to get some help with my hip and leg but the physical therapist I saw last year was booked til March).  A couple of coworkers recommended Accu-practic in Eagan, and off I went.  I was worried about quacks (the first chiropractor I called also did large animals....no joke) but Dr. Jenny Schulz put me at ease.  Despite her dimunitive size she was able to pop my SI joint back into place, and also work on that pain I was having using the Graston Technique, which at first looks like modern torture check it out:


She uses the steel instruments to run along your muscles to find and work out the knots, fibrous/scar tissue and to promote healing...it felt really weird, but I could feel her hit the knots.  Ouch. I am going back next week and hope I get better (fast forward, she thinks I have achilles tendonitis, so no running for me for awhile ):

The weekend was good, we had our TNT group workout at Run N' Fun and had an info session on shoes and gear.  What was really touching was our Mission moment (someone shares a reason/story why we are running and raising money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Soceity)  by my friend Kristine (also co-worker AND TNT Head Walk Coach Extraordinaire!).  She is a 12 year Acute Myelogenous Leukemia (AML) survivor, and what was so poignant was that February 19th was the anniversary of the date when she was diagnosed in 1999.  More importantly, the reason why she was still alive, her sister Michelle, who donated her own bone marrow to save Kristine's life was there training with her.

Krsitine was striking a pose in front of the shoes. 

Kimmi checking in all the runners/walkers

One of the owners talking to us about shoes and running clothes.

One of the many reasons why I love TNT and the mission of LLS!  We then ran 4 miles (well I did some people did 7+ by accidently following the wrong trail along Shephard Rd.)  It was cold. 18 degrees. Yes thats right I ran in 18 degree weather.  However, when done I got to do some shopping!  I got me a new run jacket and some socks (TNT got a 30% discount) wahoo!

Later in the day we had some friends visiting from North Dakota (one of my good friends from back home in NC that lives in ND with his wife Tracy) check our their blog http://ourmomentarylapseofreason.blogspot.com/
They traveled around the world for almost 2 years! They have some amazing stories and beautiful photos.  The took us out to dinner (thank you!) with the kids to Perkins (when you have kids they dictate where you eat lol and no we are not 50! I did drink some coffee there though).  It was nice, because it wasnt too loud and we got to talk and the kids behaved (thank you balloon guy for giving them something to play with while we talked).  They were going to stay, however we had snowmageddon #2 that was on its way so they headed back to Fargo instead.

And the snow cometh and it conquered...we had a grand total of 19 inches from Sunday til Monday night. S U C K S!  I will post some pictures of our 8ft+ snowdrifts at the end of our driveway.

Whew, ok I need to do that blog post daily not weekly!!!!  Stay tuned....

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  1. I wish we could have stuck around longer to visit and to play Wii with everyone...next time! I can't believe Emma is already 6 and Noah has changed soooooo much since we saw him last.

    I have a new idea for you, drumroll please....the ICEMAN triathalon in Grand Forks (for next year)!


    Just think about it! Once you conquer swimming it will be time to move onto cross country skiing!